Our Services

We have what we believe is a world-first variety of services designed to give your whole family the help they need.

From animal-assisted therapy to class 4 therapy, and animal physiotherapy to hydrotherapy, we can typically give you the help you need in a fun, engaging environment. But if we can’t, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with a service that can.

Animal-assisted therapy

There are so many ways in which to incorporate animals into therapy. Whether it’s a child reading to a guinea pig as part of speech therapy, or an adult being soothed by the fish tank during psychology, animals can make all the difference to the quality of the outcome of therapy.

Animal physiotherapy

We have one of the best animal physiotherapy teams in the world, who get to use some of the best facilities in the world every day. We love helping pets like yours live long and happy lives, whether they have been hit by a car, had surgery, or have arthritis as just a few of the very many examples of cases we help. Our range of services includes fitting a variety of splints, wheelchairs and other equipment to help pets get the most out of life.

Laser Therapy

We have a Class 4 therapeutic laser that we have found excellent for treating a range of people and pet problems. The most common conditions we use laser on include arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain, stiffness in fingers and spine, and neurological injuries. There are a lot more conditions laser can help with, so please feel welcome to ask how it can help you!

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    We are an integrated multidisciplinary allied health team in St Marys that provides physiotherapy ✔ speech therapy psychology counselling ✔ occupational therapy ✔ dance movement therapy ✔ behaviour support plans ✔ art therapy ✔ animal-assisted therapy ✔ class 4 laser therapy ✔ hyperbaric oxygen therapy ✔ underwater treadmill therapy ✔ feeding therapy ✔ social skills groups ✔ school readiness programs and ✔ physiotherapy for pets
    to families just like yours who live in the Penrith, Blacktown, Parramatta, Westmead, Blue Mountains and Hills districts. It’s easy to reach us via the M4, Mamre Rd and the Great Western Hwy. Suburbs within a short 15 minute drive of us include ✔ Glenmore Park ✔ Erskine Park ✔ Cranebrook ✔ St Marys ✔ Regentville ✔ Jamisontown ✔ Leonay ✔ Emu Plains ✔ Blaxland ✔ Glenbrook ✔ Lapstone ✔ Jordan Springs ✔ Werrington ✔ Caddens ✔ Orchard Hills ✔ St Clair ✔ Colyton ✔ Oxley Park ✔ Minchinbury ✔ Rooty Hill ✔ Glendenning ✔ Bungarribee ✔  Mulgoa ✔ Hassall Grove ✔ Horsley Park
    Find out why our families are making such great progress by contacting us today to see how we can help you!