Our Skills

Our team loves to learn! As well as our university qualifications, we have developed our skills by having various team members train in:

Traffic Jam In My Brain

Genevieve Jereb

DIR Floortime

Dr Stanley Greenspan

MORE Course

Patricia Oetter, Eileen Richter

Early Start Denver Model

Dr Sally Rogers

King of Swings

Alex Lopiccolo


Therapeutic Listening

Sheila Frick

Safe and Sound Protocol

Dr Stephen Porges

Level 1 Paediatrics Course

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Level 2 Paediatrics Course

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Serial Casting for Children with Neurological Conditions

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Mental Health Training

Black Dog Institute


Getting Our Kids Organised

Michelle Garcia Winner

Zones of Regulation

And so many more! This page will continue to be updated, so please check back soon!