Gross Motor Rooms

Our gross motor rooms

Are used differently and creatively by all our disciplines…

Our Occupational Therapists love working in our larger rooms to target goals and skills including gross motor skills, sensory regulation, emotional regulation and social skills goals.

Our OTs use the swings, pillow pits, trampolines, lycra clouds and rock walls to develop children’s motor planning, coordination, core strength, and muscle development. Swings are used to stimulate kids vestibular systems, pillow pits are used for heavy work, trampolines assist with proprioceptive input and lycra clouds provide proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation.

The size of the gross motor rooms means they can be used for social skills groups to build teamwork, for example by cooperating through obstacle courses. These rooms provide a fun and adventurous way for children to engage in therapy to build their skills, which helps them achieve their goals faster.

Our Speech Pathologists can target many speech pathology goals in our gross motor rooms. These rooms are great for many clients, including our “busy” clients who require lots of movement breaks and clients learning to communicate using multimodal methods. Our Speech Pathologists also work closely with their clients’ occupational therapists to address the clients’ sensory needs, such as implementing heavy work and movement breaks into therapy sessions.

There are many ways Speech Pathologists can use the gross motor rooms to make therapy fun – for example, the Transport Room can be used to target prepositions (for example, in, on, off, above, under), the swings in the Jungle Gym can be used to teach Key Word Signs “more”, “stop”, “want”, and the Bouncing Room can be used to target following directions through an obstacle course.

Our gross motor rooms are also beneficial in facilitating Counselling goals. The larger rooms give our clients the freedom to utilise play therapy to explore their unique emotional experiences.

Providing clients with a variety of stimuli, such as pillows, swings and toys, creates opportunities for autonomy, insight and creativity whilst building their self-confidence to explore and communicate feelings in a safe space. Larger rooms provide an appropriate environment to implement Animal Assisted Therapy. Clients are able to regulate their emotions and develop social skills whilst experiencing connection and empathy towards animals.

Gross motor rooms also provide a relaxing and comfortable space for clients to engage in meditation practices, as clients are able to transition through therapy in environments that are light, spacious, ambient and conducive to relaxation.

Paediatric physiotherapy is all about supporting children to develop their gross motor skills. Our purpose-built gross motor rooms provide children with a safe and fun place to develop skills like jumping, skipping, throwing and catching. If your child is constantly seeking something to lean on or can’t sit up at school, the lycra can assist in developing core strength.

If they are regularly falling over, our facilitates provide a fun and safe environment to challenge their balance with obstacle courses, pillow pits and many more fun activities. No child receives the same treatment. We utilise these gross motor rooms to create activities that will target your child’s specific impairments by utilising their interests, to help them succeed and most importantly want to come to and engage in therapy.

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