Bouncing Room

What’s Not to Love About Our Bouncing Room?!

Our Bouncing Room is the first room on the left when you enter our centre. In it, you’ll see lots of things that like to bounce – a ball pit, therapy balls, trampoline, lycra clouds and (most importantly) KIDS!

The lycra cloud in our bouncing room

You’ve probably noticed that kids love to bounce, but did you know that bouncing can be great therapy? Bouncing can provide great proprioceptive input, give vestibular stimulation, and can help build strength in the all-important core muscles.

Big kids also like to bounce in the lycra clouds and it’s not uncommon to see our speech therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists all joining in games in the lycra clouds. One of our favourite games in the lycra clouds is called “Humpty Dumpty”. In this game, the child tucks themself into a little ball like an egg, AKA Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty’s job is to stay like an egg and not splat by letting go of their arms hugging their knees. Nobody wants a cracked egg splatting all through the lycra! The challenge is for the child to maintain their Humpty Dumpty position while the therapist bounces them up and down in the lycra while singing the Humpty Dumpty song. Kids love seeing if they can last the entire song and love it even more when the therapists bounce them higher and higher as they get stronger and braver! Some of our Humpty Dumptys can even bounce so high that they become airborne!

A less exciting game, but just as therapeutic, is the “Animal Hide & Seek” game that we like playing in the ball pit. In this game, the therapist hides some stuffed animal beanbags in amongst the balls. The child’s challenge is then to find them, but this is much easier said than done! Finding the animals requires the child to use a number of their senses – they need to use their vision to discriminate between the different coloured balls and the similarly coloured animals, and their touch to discriminate between the hard balls and the soft animal bean bags. Working memory is required to remember where the child has already searched (and yes – this can really test the therapists’ and parents’ working memories, too!) and their balance can be challenged as the child moves through the balls. “Animal Hide & Seek” is also great speech therapy game, as we can discuss whether they are looking for the pink pig or the blue whale, name the various colours of the balls, describe the shapes of the animals and whether they are bigger or smaller than the balls, and much more!

The Bouncing Room is also a great room to develop your child’s gross motor skills. The cargo net, climbing frame and slide all provide opportunities for kids of all ages to have fun while developing essential movement skills. If you haven’t already, please feel welcome to pop in anytime to have a look at the Bouncing Room for yourself!

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